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We hope you enjoy the LTE lesson exploring the book “Rain before Rainbows” by Smriti Halls.

You can read the book again

Please share your thoughts, creative writing and responses to the book below.

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  1. A section of a verse novel from a student at Richmond upon Thames School, inspired by Rain before Rainbows and the LTE lesson adapted to introduce year 10 to GCSE English.

  2. I taught Rain before Rainbows as the first lesson of the year with a Year 7 class.
    Their associations with rainbows at the start of the lesson already carried a degree of symbolic representation. They agreed on:
    Happiness after sadness
    By the end of the lesson they agreed that their initial list was not inaccurate, but needed to include these elements:
    Giving thanks
    A sense of accomplishment

    Rather than creating conflict with their existing understanding, the story and their thinking rendered it more layered, more subtle and perhaps more humble.

    Below you can see the captions the group wrote for the images and some of their bridging task symbols of hope

  3. I’ve taught this lesson to a range of KS3 classes at Cheam High since we returned to school and have been really impressed with the depth of understanding in the responses from my students. Their confidence in exploring symbolism has been brilliant. It’s been a lovely positive message to focus on and the students seemed to have really enjoyed it. Thank-you.

  4. I love the message this lesson gives. Even though it is a children’s book, it’s still an important meaning to everyone. In lockdown my family and I posted 100 hanging rainbows with the message “We can do hard things”. We all appreciate a rainbow.

  5. We have reviewed this story in class and all of my class mates have come up with various concepts about this story. It is very simple but very deep in meaning. There are many different ways to interpret this book.

  6. British International School Ho Chi Minh City’s response to Rain before Rainbows and relating it to recent real life events.

  7. 10 year olds brighten our hallway with messages of hope and beautiful rainbows after LTE Rain Before Rainbows lesson bridging activity.

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