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This Let’s Think in English lesson explores narrative sequencing through  a short film called The Maker. Pupils listen to the soundtrack and consider how  changes of mood are suggested by the music. They then move onto considering how narrative may be structured around 5 stages: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Pupils apply the story mountain structure to the film before reviewing which shape best suits the narrative structure of the film . They then consider who the title of the film refers to and why the action is repeated.

You can read more about experiences teaching the lesson here:

Narrative Shapes. Lesson Six: “The Maker”


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  1. An example from the cognitive conflict stage of the LTE lessons as pupils consider different models for the narrative structure of the film. They are considering which shape best represents the narrative sequence of the film and where the different stages of a story may lie on that shape: exposition, build up, resolution, climax.

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