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This lesson explores Charles Causley’s poem “Who” and the development of the speaker and character. Pupils track how their understanding of the characters in the poem changed as the poem develops and then review  the poem to identify examples of foreshadowing. Pupils consider the value of re-reading a poem or text multiple times. This LTE lesson develops Frames of Reference seeing a text through different lenses.

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  1. A Year 5 teacher records pupils’ responses to the poem as the stanzas are slowly revealed. This enables them to review their learning after the LTE lesson and reflect on how their understanding changed throughout the lesson.

  2. Pupils’ response to the poem following the LTE lesson. A Year 6 pupil reimagines the events depicted in the poem as diary entries.

  3. The attached transcript focuses on the stage of the lesson where pupils have read the first three stanzas of the poem and must now make reasonable predictions on how the poem might conclude.
    The pupils in this transcript are in Year 6 in a London school.

    Ambler Who Transcript

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